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Place to be

A little do I know

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The little girl
I'm just a girl from Finland, currently studying in UK. I'm 21. Ever since I started to watch Roswell - which was about ten years ago - I found the wonderful world of internet, forums and fan made webpages. With those came fanarts and fanfiction. So I have done this a while now, and yeah my first fandom was Roswell. I still love the show to bits, and it still is one of my fandoms. Accompanied by Supernatural, Dark Angel and the latest addition; The Hunger Games.

The long journal
My livejournal was made for my fan arts, but when then I got into writing again and so my fanfics found their way to the journal. So in my livejournal, you can find my old fanarts about various things, plus my new writings. And I can do requests (gifs, arts, fics), if someone is interested. :)

The sweet friends
Wanna be my friend? I would love to be yours too. So friend me, if you like me or my stuff. :D It would be nice to get some comment from the people at my f-list and I would love to hear why you are friending me when you do. ^^

Even though you can't see it,
it doesn't mean it isn't there.